Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why the title?

Lila looks like this when she says, "Mommy you know what"
Mommy You Know What?  Some of you may be asking yourselves what the meaning is behind this title.  Well, our dear friend Terra, who set up the blog site for us, began asking us if there were any particular phrases that Lila used all of the time?  Matt and I looked at each other and both said "Mommy, you know what?".  This happens to be Lila's stall tactic.
Every nap and every night after her bedtime routine, as we are leaving her room, just before we close the door (EVERY time :) ), Lila says "Mommy/Daddy, you know what?"  and proceeds to tell a story about her going on a bike ride with her first physical therapist when she wakes up, and then again on Sunday.  It is absolutely AWESOME and makes us smile every time!  One day we think she is going to switch up the story, but it hasn't happened yet.  Matt has a sound bite of her saying this and will put it on the next posting.  He is busy and hasn't had time to download it yet.

To continue the story of our journey....From the time Lila was 1 year we have been doing physical therapy weekly, and as of 1 year ago began speech therapy weekly.  She also has loved gymnastics classes, swimming classes, and swimming physical therapy.  All of this is play time for her, as she loves her therapists so much.  She gets so excited to go to physical therapy because they have all of these fun swings that she gets to pick from.  I come in at the end of her session and she is sweating and laughing so hard that she doesn't want to leave.  Thank you to Susan, Christie and Libby for all of their hard work over the past three years!  We are now also looking into a HIPPO therapy program, horse back riding for CP, so that she can gain more core strength and balance.  We have only heard amazing things about such programs and can't wait to get her started.

Lila playing ball...she can do everything in her walker!
Lila also has been in a developmental Pre-K program for the past 1 1/2 years, within our school district, which has been amazing!  There are 14 kids in the class, 4 typical children and 10 special needs kids.  Lila absolutely loves the typical kids and they treat her just like any other kid...it is really amazing how accepting these little ones are if we can teach them at a young age.  We are blessed to be in such a great atmosphere with kids that are terribly kind, and kids that have taught Lila a ton about socializing, using her big girl voice, and working independently.  Although, her favorite thing to to in school is sing louder than anybody else in class!  She never has any trouble belting one out :-)

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  1. Great start to your new blog, Maria. I'll look forward to reading your updates. Lila is such a sweetheart. I love her to death!