Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is a very difficult thing for Matt and I because it is extremely hard for both of us to ask for help.  We realize that there is not much of a choice in this situation (my next post will explain more about our stem cell research, where we will go, why insurance doesn't cover it, what is happening in the US currently with stem cells, and more about the doctors we will be working with), but want there to be something concrete to show for your donation.

We have had some good advice, and would love to hear of any ideas that you all may have.  A dear family member recommended that we start a non-profit for stem cell therapy so that all of your contributions would be tax deductible.  I believe that they are anyway through PayPal, but am looking into all of this. I have also begun sewing these adorable purses and would love to put them up for a minimum donation of $20.  I will make a handful of them and you can choose which one you would like.

Lastly, Lila loves to make canvas paintings.  It is one of her favorite past times and we had the idea of auctioning them off at some point throughout the next month or two.  You could have an original from a budding artist :-)

Look out for these upcoming "auctions" on the blog.


  1. You go girl!! Things are looking amazing on this blog if I dont say so myself!!!

  2. Courage to you María! You are a brave woman and I already admire you for that! A big hugh to you and your lovely family! God always help noble souls as your. Kisses to Lila!

  3. Those purses are adorable! Ian's school does a fundraiser that I think is very useful. I will have to look up what it is called, but they sell gift certificates to stores we all go to anyhow (like groceries and clothes stores), and they donate a percent. Email me if you want more info on it.

  4. Wow! From the ideas benefits of crowdfunding can be rised. These ideas are really amazing and seems to be fruitful.