Friday, January 21, 2011

Lila and Devis...her new friend

We are so looks like Lila has a new best friend!  Thanks to our friend Pam, Lila has been able to start horseback riding lessons through the Washoe County School District.  She had her first lesson on Wednesday with Devis, the horse, and couldn't stop asking for more.  That smile did not leave her face the entire time!  Devis rode calmly around the "arena" and then began to trot.  As Lila rounded the corner, I wasn't sure if I should have expected a smile or a cry.  Turns out she was laughing as she was bouncing up and down :-)  So much fun and so great for her balance and strength!  Thanks to Pam and Sue :-)

On another note, I have been meaning to post Lila's first set of paintings to go up for auction, but there is something that is stopping me.  We have found out that if there are goods exchanged during the fundraising process, then the donation is not tax deductible through Bay Street Helping Hands.  This has thrown me for a loop, as my vision for the auctioning of Lila's paintings may not be the right way to go.  Maybe it doesn't matter to you all, and you would rather have a painting than the tax deduction?  I will think a bit more about this and keep you all posted...ideas welcomed :-)

As for the purses, these will not be a tax write off, unless you would like to donate above and beyond the cost of the purse.  The donation above the cost of the purse will be tax deductible, and you will get a letter from bay Street Helping Hands for that amount.

Lastly, we have three or four fundraising events lined up for Lila, and I will post actual dates within the week.  Our friends, family, and community have been such a huge support, for which we can not thank you enough!  Attached is a link to a "letter" my cousin wrote about Lila and our family.  She then posted it to her entire community, and the Lila fever is spreading :-)  Thanks Lindsay, I love ya!

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  1. So exciting to see her face light up on that horse, she was having a ball for sure!!!!! And excellent news about 3 to 4 fundraisers.....yayayyaayayyayay!