Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 31, 32, 33, and 34 :-)

There is much to tell...

Matt came to LA on Friday (hung out with Deeds and Rod) with a car load of stuff for the month, and the girls and I arrived Saturday morning via plane.  Exhausted girls = nap time.  Lila was afraid to sleep in the new room, so we had to have a calm talk to help her understand that this is where she will be for a while.  Now that we are three days in (and five conversations in), she is finally not afraid any longer (just as of this evening).  So, sleep hasn't gone well these first three days, but hopefully will get better.

Matt was kind enough to give me a little free time with our friend Dee Dee (who lives 15 minutes from where we are staying) on Sunday morning.  We went hunting for sea glass on the beach, which was so therapeutic, relaxing, and exciting.
Dee Dee excited about all of the sea glass we were finding!
What a great morning it was, and we ended up with some amazing pieces!  Dee Dee actually made me a necklace out of an olive piece of glass I had found on our search :-)  Check it out, and all of her new pieces!  They are truly amazing, and hand picked :-)

Dee Dee hung out with all of us at the beach this morning, and was playing around with her camera.  She is getting more serious about photography and wanted to do come practicing on the girls.  Check out the photos:
Nora was resting, as we had a cold front come to the beach and visit us
After the beach, we went back to Dee Dee's to clean up and have a little lunch.  Well, after I got the girls cleaned up, Matt had given Nora some cheese to eat.  She was walking around with it and handed Lila a piece.  Most of you may not know, but Lila is SEVERELY allergic to dairy...and I mean severe!  So, we decide to skip lunch and just get back to the hotel, as she began rubbing her eyes and nose with vigor.  By the time we arrived, Lila's eyes were so swollen, that she could barely see, there was a rash that had begun on her chest, moved up to her shoulder, then neck, and up to her chin.  I was expecting her to throw up, but her breathing was not impacted, which is usually the first sign of throw up for her.
May be hard to see, but her eyes were a mess, and her rash was spreading on her upper chest area
Nevertheless, I got her in the bath, and she instantly stuck her face in the water...her eyes were hurting so badly.  I gave her a homeopathic remedy for allergic reactions, and after about 10 minutes, the rash had subsided, and she was feeling a bit better.  Toast is Lila's comfort food, so she had a piece or two, and then laid down for a nap, and her demeanor was great after sleeping a bit.  Here eyes are still very swollen, and maybe a bit bruised from 30 minutes of rubbing, but she is on the up-and-up.  UUGGHHH!  What else could happen with this little bugger?

Tomorrow we meet her new therapists and begin the program at Polfit.  Matt and I are so excited, as I know are most of you.  She has been making progress since the treatment, and we can't wait to see even more!  Five days a week, three hours a day, for four weeks...can't go wrong :-)
More details to come about the program....

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