Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 52, 53, and 54

We had a great weekend with Grandma.  She arrived on Friday evening, and on Saturday morning we went to the Long Beach Aquarium to see "lots of fishes"...according to Nora.  The girls touched the sting rays and jelly fish, but decided to just watch the sharks :-)
Lila and Nora checking out the stingrays...hesitant to touch them

Our first look at the cool fish that make up the Long Beach Aquarium!
On Saturday night, after the aquarium, Matt and I went on a date with Dee Dee and Rod to Knotts Berry Farms.  Wow, this is something we would never do, but had a great time!  The roller coasters were such a great way to just let go and laugh a little bit.  It was also "Knotts SCARY Farms", a special event at this time of year, so there were creepy clowns walking all over the place scaring people left and right, including Matt!  He was so afraid of getting spooked, that he would egg them on and make it worse.  Yes, we "jumped" a few times throughout our evening...thanks Matt :-)

Here we are, Monday morning, and Lila is beginning her last week of therapy.  She is doing amazingly well today!  The first session of the morning she was walking with her sticks, with little to no assistance.  We have learned that she has great balance when she takes little steps, which is what we focused on today.  It was when she turned her head to the side, or took too big of steps that she lost her balance.  She is doing so well!

The second part of therapy was the spider, where she jumps on the trampoline, runs on the treadmill, and does the stair stepper machine.  She did great today!  She was hooked up with the bungees that are thinner, meaning less resistance for her, meaning that she has to use her muscles a ton more to keep herself upright and in control.  Probably why she kept asking to jump, but once the time came, decided not to jump at all.  Lila was so tired after the first hour of the spider, as she had to work a lot harder today.  Love those Polish therapists!

The last part of her day is usually quite whiny and not very productive.  She fights with Bartek as to whether to do her exercises on the mat or on the table (the table is where we want her).  So, today I told her that someone else had to use the mat, and I hid it in one of the offices...terrible Mom, I know.  Nevertheless, she had so much fun on the table, and worked very hard at her exercises with no complaining at all :-)  See, takes some manipulation, but is well worth the little fibs :-)

Lila on the table doing leg exercises with resistance from the bungees and weights

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