Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 49, 50, 51...End of week three

Lila is totally exhausted.  She is still not sleeping well, and has been terribly whiny today at therapy.  Hopefully, we will rest this weekend and get back into it next week.

On another note, I got an email from a friend yesterday who was sharing a story about the support she has seen for stem cells in the states, and has not seen for stem cells in the states.  This is something that I don't talk about with everyone, because it involves politics and I have different beliefs than many.  So, as to not impose on other people's beliefs, I try not to be too open as to my feelings about the government, FDA, and pharmaceutical they are linked...who actually runs who....and how they impact the future of medicine in our Country (all from my perspective, of course :-).

Nevertheless, I am spilling the beans about my feelings, and this below story solidifies it all!!!  This friend of mine just came back from a stem cell treatment in China, and is very passionate about the changes she has seen in her daughter, and the benefits of stem cells.....

"just wanted to share with everyone something really really impt. i have a very close family which we are friends with, who i won't same names. recently they had a family reunion they went to and saw one of their brothers who happens to be a billionaire who owns many pharmaceutical companies. they were discussing ava's situation and stemcells in china. the brother said to the other, i am against stemcells in the u.s. and the one said, why? he answered by explaining that he would be losing money in his companies which are even out of the country and that he doesn't mind them being in china but not here!! can you believe it. someone discussing ava's situation saying this??!!! of course our friend didn't agree with his brother. one is christian and one is not."
I knew it all along!  I have always said that there are NO pharmaceuticals involved in true stem cell treatments, and that the pharma corporations would have to find a way to make drugs that are mandatory for the stem cell therapies before it is accepted in the US.  Why?  Because the pharmaceutical companies run our government and our world of medicine here in the States!  They are the largest group of lobbyists that keep our government running, so have more power than they deserve when dealing with the health of our Country. They are not concerned with health, just making money on our poor health!  UUGGHHH!  I could go on and on, but will spare you my frustrations!  They are the reason that we have to leave our own Country in order to get these advanced treatments for our children!

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  1. so, the logical next step it to figure out how pharmaceutical companies CAN make money from stem cell treatments and then we would have them on our side. Come on somebody, work that one out so these families don't have to travel thousands of miles to give kids a fighting chance at living their lives.