Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 44....Another day, another 120 feet!

Day 44..... Lila began her day as usual, with the therasuit.  She enjoyed her exercises and then took her newly routined walk with her walking sticks.  This time the goal was to find the trampoline on the other side of the room.  Her walk was quicker getting to the other side.....however, she couldn't see the trampoline!  So, Arthur and Bartek asked if she wanted to keep looking for it.  Her answer was a very enthusiastic: "YEA!".  So, she basically ended up walking 120 feet! (the entire perimeter of the 40x20 room)

I spoke in greater depth with Ralph (the lead therapist) about Lila's potential and he told me about a boy (Justin) who has the same cerebral palsy diagnosis as Lila, and began treatments with polfit 7 years ago at age 5.  ( He had no balance and less strength and muscle control than Lila).

Please watch this video of his progression, begin the video at 7:30.  His name is Justin. ENJOY!

All of the stories we hear, families and kids we meet continue to give us great hope for Lila's "better quality of life quest!"

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