Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 36

Lila's second day of physical therapy went much smoother than the first.  I had to be out of the room much of the time, but could sneak in at the end and take a photo or two.

She actually did things today that I never thought she could or would do!  Even after three hours of therapy, she did another hour of strengthening exercises.  Wow!

So, what I learned from today is that sometimes as parents, we put expectations on our children that they are fully capable of exceeding.  We may not think that they can, but they do so in each and every instance.  Just when I thought that Lila was not capable of handling more than 3 hours of therapy at a time, she went for 4 hours today.  Moral of the story is...stop influencing our children with our own fears, and let them be all they can be!!!

Look at this!
I am so sorry that it is sideways.  It is late, and I cannot seem to figure out how to rotate the video prior to importing it into the blog.  Sorry...hope you all don't have sore necks after this one :-)

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