Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 56 & 57

Lila has one more day of therapy before we head home.  She is a bit hesitant to do anything without the therasuit on, or spider hooked-up, but we are trying to give her the confidence that she can do it independently :-)  This will take some time, but she took two steps today towards Arthur.  That was a big deal for her!

We are excited to get home, but will miss the friends that we have met here through the program.  The Mom's have been great, as well as the staff here at Polfit.  The therapists have become our "friends" (as Lila calls them), so much that she asks to play with them on Sundays as well :-)  They are so supportive of her, always giving her positive feedback all while making her work very hard.  I have no doubt that this program will change Lila's life, and that we will return for a second round of therapy within the next 6 months.

One more thing...she is sleeping so much better during the night, and is taking naps again (whew).  We now have happy, energized Lila back!  No more black eyes everyday!

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