Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 35...first day of intensive physical therapy

For those of you who donated Marriott points to our stay in LA...we cannot thank you enough!!!!  We have a very comfortable space to live in for the next 30 days, with breakfast and happy hour snacks for Matt, and a full kitchen for the rest of our meals.  Amazing!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

As for the first day of therapy...uuugghhh!  Lila cried nearly the entire time, except for when she wasn't doing therapy.  HHmmmm, not exactly a good first day.  A little about CP...people with cerebral palsy are only comfortable in their own spaces, places, and routines.  When breaking those routines, living spaces, and therapists, their worlds are rocked.  It will most likely take the first week before she is comfortable enough to get something out of this program.  Thank goodness it is four weeks long :-)  So, keep praying for a better day tomorrow.

Lila on the Spider saying, "I'm all done"

Lila on the Spider still saying, "I'm all done"
The one great thing is that the therapists are so excited because Lila already has absolutely amazing skills and strength.  They saw her doing things that they would have never thought she could do (i.e. stand up against the wall using one had to get up and one hand to balance on the wall).  There are three different therapists that she will be working with each day, and each of them said that they were excited for her, and the potential that she has :-)

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