Monday, September 12, 2011

DAY 41....Lila wakes up excited to play with her new friends!!

GOOD MORNING!  Matt here!  Filling in as "Guest Blogger" for the week as Maria is back home working.

First off, we had a pretty nice weekend!  Lila and Nora met one of their cousins (Bonita 17 mos.) who lives in Pasadena.  We swam in Bonita's pool and Bonita was very happy to share her great toys with the girls!  Mor-Mor (Grandma) is here helping for the week, so she had some time to play and enjoy the girls as well!

Monday morning...Lila was happy and ready to go play with Bartek, Ana, Arthur and Ralph.  Lila has been very apprehensive about leaving the hotel and going to therapy.  Today was different!  She was happy and ready to go!  In fact, she was so excited that before we pulled into the parking lot, she was saying "massage my leg".  I couldn't figure out what she was saying at first, and then she said "Bartek, massage my leg" (Bartek is also the massage therapist). We laughed and I was happy that she is feeling more comfortable with her new routine.

      The therapists began the morning with the therasuit, which up until now, has been a sore subject.  She is a whining!  And, proceeded to lay on the table and do her strengthening exercises while talking and smiling! Lila played a short game of hide and seek with Bartek and Arthur and moved onto the Spider where she continued strength training by jumping and walking on the tread mill. (LOVES the treadmill).  She is AWESOME!  Thanks to Bartek, Ana, Arthur and Ralph for encouraging, supporting and making her feel comfortable!

Lila and Arthur preparing to jump using the "Spider"!

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