Monday, January 16, 2012

Beginning of the last week :-)

What I learned today was that Lila is bored.  Bored with the same routine she has been doing for the past two weeks already.  So, after a talk with the therapist, I am sure we can change that for the rest of the week :-)  Aside from her not working very hard today, she did make her own decision to show us this new skill she has found...

Really!  No one prompted her to do was all on her own!  Love it when she can figure out how to make all of her new skills work together :-)

On the other hand, I am having to be hard on her so that she will start to listen to Przemek this last week.  So when we got up from naps, we spent over an hour in the hallway balancing and walking with her canes.  Really making her finish what she started this morning.  Sure enough, with a little focus Lila stood independently for 90 seconds, and walked down the hallway and back with her canes.  Very good end to a rough start.

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