Sunday, January 8, 2012

The end to a nice weekend

Guess where we went today....
No, not the French Quarter.....
No, not the Superdome....
Yes, the Audubon Zoo!  (seriously, that first photo of the gorilla really happened today :-)

Sunday...this morning we woke up very early, but I was determined to head into New Orleans and enjoy the nice weather.  Lila was excited about the zoo this morning, but as we headed to the city she just wanted to go to a park.  I decided we should check out the zoo anyway, and Lila was very lucky as we found a park in the middle of the zoo!  (Really, I should have just taken her to the park and headed to the French Quarter, but thought she would enjoy the mistake.  Live and learn :-)).   Nevertheless, I enjoyed the zoo, and the 75 degree weather.  I was wearing crop pants and a short sleeved shirt, and was sweating! January!

A few random thoughts....
Last week was a bit rough, and I noticed a poster on the wall in the facility that had many refreshing statements of which helped me to regain my perspective for the week.  I would like to share some of those positive words with you all throughout the next two weeks.
1.  Yodel more, yawn less
2.  Believe in your dreams
3.  Count your blessings

I love little sayings like this, which give us a different perspective on the day.  Enjoy!

Secondly, here are a few more photos from our walking tour yesterday...
This is where Lila and I ate lunch yesterday.  
After we sat down, I looked at the ground in front of the bench and realized that each end every one of these benches is dedicated to an individual who has passed on....our bench, Jeanne.  So sweet!
Our view at lunch...can't complain :-)  Beautiful day

There were dogs jumping off of these concrete walls that jut out into the water, and a young adorable couple sitting on the main wall (bottom left in the photo) writing music together with their great!


  1. love the posts, love the architecture, love new orleans, love you all, hand in there