Tuesday, January 17, 2012


THE BEST DAY OUT OF THE THREE WEEKS!   Lila seriously worked for the entire three hours straight!  After the tough love from yesterday, I think she did not want to do exercises in the hallway, and have no cartoon time after nap.  It worked :-)

Unfortunately, I don't have any photos/videos because I was focused on filming her every move today, in order to go home and create the same program.   Looking forward to her using her canes all over the house, as we are going to have a strict no crawling rule, except on the area rug in the living room.  This is where her and Nora play all of the time.  Gotta give a little somewhere :-)

A few quotes for the day....
Make a difference
Ask for what you want
Give more than you receive

These are three of my absolute favorite quotes, as I try to live by each and every one of them :-)

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