Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hump day!
I learned something fascinating today...only 30% of our brains help us to function in all of our daily activities. The other 70% is fresh, ready and waiting to take over when necessary. This is the reason that our kids can see such great results. The part of the brain within that 30% that is not able to regenerate, due to damage, is able to call on the neurons within the 70% of undamaged area and the neurons can respond to take over the necessary skill, processing, connection, etc. With enough therapy, and the right therapy, we are programming the brain to learn these skills that are just second nature to us, and this is possible because of the large scale of unused neurons in the brain (by the way, we have at least 100 billion neurons in our brain).
while I am on this subject, here are a few brain facts:
1. Each neuron in the brain is responsible for one specific thing (I.e. emotion, movement)
2. The human brain is typically 2% of our body weight.
3. The brain is made up of 78% water.
4. The cerebellum makes up 10% of the brain (Lila's is smaller than normal)

Hope you have enjoyed our little science lesson :-)

As for therapy today, Lila balanced independently for 2 1/2 minutes!!!!! Awesome!

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