Sunday, January 1, 2012


Goodbye 2011, welcome 2012!

As I write from our hotel room in Louisiana, I can't believe the year is already over.  In 2011, I had acquired a new full-time raising, as well as Lila acquiring new physical skills....walking with sticks, and Nora acquiring new words..."Lila, why are you crying about it?", and Matt acquiring his contractor's license in CA.  Wow, what a year!

Here is a photo of Lila early 2011.....she couldn't even balance enough to move away from the couch...

Here is a video of Lila today (so sorry it's sideways - one of these days I'll learn)....January 1st, 2012....

...the day before beginning her second round of intensive physical therapy.  We will be here in Louisiana for the next three weeks, doing therapy every morning for three hours a day.  Unfortunately, the program in LA did not have any openings until February 1st, in which case our insurance physical therapy visits would have already been used up.  This means that the insurance would cover absolutely nothing, just as they did last September.  Not an option, which is why we find ourselves currently outside of New Orleans in Louisiana.  Lila and I are staying at a Residence Inn again, so if there is anyone out there who has some points that they would like to donate, drop me an email and I will put you in the right direction (  We currently have 7 nights of our 21 nights taken care of :-)  THANKS in advance :-)

Nevertheless, so much to be thankful, and so many people to thank in 2011...the list is endless.  Please know that our thanks and deepest gratitudes go out to you all, as we begin this new year in our journey to help Lila be more independent, and reach her highest level of success in life.  Our family has just extended across the Country, as you all are now part of that endeavor :-)

One last thing...I have been waiting to figure final numbers from our fundraising in 2011, but have not gotten all of the info in my hands as of yet.  What I can say is that we have definitely raised $44,000!  Holy Cow!!!  Can't even believe it!  Thanks to some generous donations at the end of the year, we are able to attend this program.  So, following this program we should have about $8000 left to build on for Lila's next stem cell treatment.  So exciting, and so thankful!

Much love to you all, as together we begin this New Year full of promise and excitement!!!

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