Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday...downtown Covington, Louisiana

Today was finally a day where we took our time in the morning, and stayed nice.  Lila and I left the hotel around 9:30, after a nice morning conversation with Matt and Nora.

After getting lost last week, and happening upon the cute little downtown of Covington, I have been wanting to go and explore.  So, we started the morning by having breakfast at this adorable cafe called Toad Hollow Cafe.  They had gluten free bacon, and amazing omelets, which made Lila and I very happy!  That was fun because we never take the girls to restaurants.  We always cook at home because of all of their allergies, so what a gem this was :-)

After a nice breakfast, we jumped in the stroller and headed down the block.  Lucky for Lila, at the end of the block was a huge park (by the way, when we got lost last week we were looking for a park and could not find one for the life of it was all along).  This park was full of little nooks and cranny's, steps that went nowhere, fun slides, and certainly swings.  I could not believe the scale of this park, and that Lila just kept wanting to explore new parts of it.  Check it out!
Just amazing...this structure!
After playing at the park, there was a nice little path to walk around, so Lila allowed me to do so.  Nice time for her to play, and for me to play too :-)  The day was a beautiful one, and nice to just be out in the fresh air.  Below are a few photos of the trees in the park...
Favorite building downtown Covington
Seems as though Covington is more craftsman and Victorian than "Southern" (like Mandeville).  Still love the homes, but they are definitely different from it's neighboring towns...
Cute craftsman home 
Little more Southern in style
Thank you Covington for the nice morning with Lila :-)

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