Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day two of therapy

How am I?  Frustrated...uugghhh.  I hate feeling like this towards Lila, but she is refusing to nap.  This may not mean much to other parents with 5 year old children, but with Lila this leads to a little girl whose muscle tone declines by the minute, her lack of control of everything from walking to eating increases, and her whining seems to take up every word that comes out of her mouth!  Uugghhh.  When she doesn't nap, she also does not focus well, or focus at all, and is not giving any effort towards her therapy, for which we came across the country.  Oh, so frustrating!  So, I need to turn my attitude around somehow, even thought she is consistently talking back and not listening at all.  What to do?!?!?!

Anyway, we have completed day two of therapy, and the therapist is very good.  He pushes her, which isn't going well with the lack of sleep, however is good for her to have to work as hard as she possibly can at that moment.  Here is a little tid bit:
I will post more as the weeks progress.  Once I can catch up on sleep, maybe I can turn this frustration around :-)

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