Tuesday, January 10, 2012


First of all, here are a few wise words for the day...
Understand more, judge less...
Fail, and dare to succeed...

So, our sleep has declined again, and Lila is being quite uncooperative. Yesterday was a bit rough, as I thought this morning would be as well. She has surprised both Przemek and I this morning! She is having long, consistent spurts of focus, and then we lose her for a bit. However, the focused times are so productive! She began the morning balancing away from the wall for 35 seconds, and within 30 minutes sent to 37 seconds, 45 seconds, 60 seconds, then 75 seconds! Wwooohhooo!

Lila then began working with quad canes this morning (the pair she is using are the only pediatric pair they have and are too tall, however we are getting a new pair for her that should arrive today or tomorrow).  Quad canes are very difficult to use because she cannot lean on them like she can her sticks. She needs to gain her balance first and then move the cane. Lila also must stand up straight in each step, which is helping her to not hyper-extend her knees so much. This is quite challenging, and she is taking to the canes quite well :-). Does this mean we will stop using the sticks/ walker? No, but we will most certainly work very hard to use the canes more often.
(sorry, sideways again...uugghhhh)

So, off we go to the hotel for some lunch and rest. Hope you all have a good day and be sure to always give more than you receive :-)

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