Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Better Day :-)

Got sleep last night :-)  Yay!!!!  Lila didn't get as much sleep as I did, and is very fatigued, but my mood is better and can deal with her lack of sleep in a more controlled manner :-)  whew.

As for therapy, even though she is exhausted, I can see improvements even after three days.  Przemek (pronounced "Shemek") is her therapist and is extra hard on her, which makes her get a little out of each visit, even in the state of exhaustion.  She gets frustrated with him, but inevitably does what he needs her to do.

One of the best quotes I received yesterday, in my frustration and lack of sleep, was from Uncle Ron.  It goes like so:
"A quiet mind through joy or pain is like a grandfather clock that keeps on ticking in a thunderstorm".  We are all going through our own thunderstorms but we must keep on ticking.  Stay strong and keep a quiet mind. 

This has helped me more than he could ever know....THANK YOU UNCLE RON!

So, hoping for a nap, but has been a good morning thus far :-)

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