Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 11 & 12

It was a late last night before I realized that I hadn't posted, so I thought I would couple it with today's posting :-)

Nothing new really.  She does seem to have more energy over the past few days.  Didn't nap yesterday, which led her back to her bad behaviors of taking out her tired/frustration out on her sister.  Once I saw the nap come and go, as she laid in her bed chatting, I knew we were in for a long afternoon.  However, she went to bed at 7:15 without a peep!  Gotta love that.

The rash that was on her neck went away about a week after her treatment, and didn't bother her at all.

There is one thing we forgot to mention about our stay in San Diego.....
A friend of mine grew up in San Diego and her parents still live there.  Her Mom was kind enough to let us borrow some key items and not have to travel with them (i.e. a step stool, sand toys, kids books and dvd's, etc.).  Well, who knew that the step stool would change Lila's life!  We have step stools at home, but they have two steps on them.  This one was just a single step, and was perfect for Lila to get on and off the potty with total independence.  What did we do right when we got home?  Well, we now have a single step stool in each bathroom, along with grab bars on the walls, allowing her to gain a sense of independence.  We knew this was our next step, but we didn't know how soon we needed to get these items, until the trip to San Diego :-)  Thanks Barbara!!!!

That being said, she now gets on and off the potty with very little assistance, and is excited to teach her sister how to use the potty :-)

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