Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 22 & 23

Lila is still not feeling well, as she woke up again this morning throwing multiple fits and just generally exhausted.  Her immune system has always been compromised, due to her low muscle tone and CP.  When a typical child gets sick, it may take a couple of days to start seeing him/her getting well again.  For Lila, it usually means about 7 days of not feeling well at all, and then seeing a turn for the better.  So, we are waiting :-)  Although we finally got out of the house yesterday and went to physical therapy and speech therapy.  This just about knocked her out!  She had fun, because we hadn't moved in three days, but laid down for a LONG nap in the afternoon.

She is still not eating well, due to the head congestion and lack of front teeth.  She is also still not sleeping well because of her deep cough.  Once this cough settles down, we hope she will be able to sleep and get well.

We have bumped up physical therapy for the next two weeks (2-3 days a week), in order for her to get used to doing "work" everyday.  So, we went again this morning to see Libby, and Libby said something that was very kind.  She said now that she has been starting her days with Lila, she seems to have a good spirit all day long!  Prior to having Lila in the mornings, she would find herself struggling to get through the day with a positive energy for each child, until now.  What a nice thing to say!  Lila does touch everyone she comes in contact with, in such a special way :-)  We will miss Libby while we are gone to Lila's PT program in LA!

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