Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 8

Lila used her words like a champion today, and made me so proud all day long!  We had minimal fits, which are due to the frustration she carries from not being able to process as fast as she would like in order to get her sentences out.

One example...we were in the car and she started using a loud, frustrated voice, saying "NECKLACE, NECKLACE, NECKLACE".  Like usual I said, in a very calm voice, "Lila, what about the necklace?".  She responded with, "I would like the bracelet from Sue, mommy."  Oh my goodness, was my first thought!  This all happened in a matter of a minute and a half, which used to last 20 minutes!  The "necklace"?  Well, that is her first thought when wanting this amazing bracelet, so that is always where she begins.  I knew where she was headed, but we need her to use the proper words.  This is only one example of about 5 great sentences today, with no fits :-)

Matt's cousin Sue lives in San Diego, and we had the pleasure of spending time with her and her boys while we were there last week.  Sue makes amazing hand made, semi-precious jewelry, and kindly made Lila a bracelet for her to remember San Diego, and the time she spent with her cousins :-)  Lila takes pride in wearing the bracelet every day!
Lila with her bracelet on!  She loves it so much...wears it every day!
On another note, Lila had physical therapy today, and maybe was just having a really good morning.  I say that because she listened very attentively (which is not usual because she typically wants to run the show!), balanced better than ever before, and really focused on each step she took.  Lila decided herself that she wanted to walk the entire 45 minutes, and did a great job with assistance from a baby stroller that her sister kept wanting to steal :-)

Lastly, she had enough energy to go to school following PT, and took a two hour nap when she got home.

What a great day!!!!

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