Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 9

Lila went to her horseback riding lesson this morning, and was exhausted afterwards.  We came home and I laid the girls down for naps, but Lila was already overtired.  I hate when that happens, because then she doesn't sleep at all.  Uugghhh.  So, I got her up after an hour of resting, gave her lunch, and then she was ornery!  Being terribly mean to her sister, not listening, and just generally acting tired, crabby, and needy.  So, she went back down for a nap and only slept for an hour.  Generally a tiring day for all.

Lila has not been as hungry today as in prior days, but we hope for a big dinner and early bedtime :-)

Matt and I get the pleasure of having dinner tonight with our wonderful friends, Terra and Gary.  They were the creative ones who jump started this blog for us :-)  Can't wait to share some quality time with them!!!!

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