Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 7

Today is a strange day.  Lila was exhausted this morning, so she took a 2 1/2 hour nap.  She woke up at 12:30, at which point we ate a quick lunch and I took her to school for the afternoon.  When I picked her up at 3 p.m., she looked as though she could have been sleeping!  We came home, had a snack, and she is now down for nap #2.  I had read that the stem cell patient will be twice as tired, and twice as hungry for two to four weeks following the treatment, but the doctor said this wouldn't be the case....hhhmmmm.  Everyone is different, and I guess this is the case for Lila :-)
Lila also has a little rash on her lower right side at the base of her neck.  It doesn't bother her at all, but we are watching it :-)

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