Sunday, August 21, 2011

Days 18 and 19, and a post stem cell transformation of the blog

I hope you all enjoy the new look of the blog.  We thought it would be fun to have a post stem cell blog change, as Lila is going through so many changes right now...changes we can't even see :-)

This weekend has been busy.  Yesterday we had a garage sale and raised $620 for Lila ($300 from the sale, and $320 in generous donations from our neighbors)!  We are lucky to be surrounded by such support, and had a fun day while we were at it :-)  Lila enjoyed chatting with all of the new people, and Nora had fun bringing all of the toys back into the garage.  By 9 p.m. Matt and I were in bed...exhausted!  Great day!

Today we took the girls to Lake Tahoe to spend the morning on the beach.  We had a rough start, as the girls were early risers this morning, and almost turned around to come home when we hit Truckee (25 minutes away).  Nevertheless, Dad made the decision to move forward with our plans, thankfully because the girls really enjoyed the morning.  Lila wanted to climb the rocks at the beach and jump off...

Nora and Lila enjoyed digging in the sand, while Matt filled their hole with water.

 He then said, "I'm going to let them get dirty and throw sand until they bother someone other than us."  Not two minutes later Nora came right over to him and sat on top of him!  Hilarious!
Here are more photos from the day :-)
Mommy and her girls :-)
Lila and Nora heading for the water
Have a great week!

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