Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 17...A financial update

Well, we have finally gotten some numbers tightened up from everything we had gone through with the hopes of using Nora's cord blood, to the current doctors that we did use, and travel expenses.  So, here's the scoop.

To date we have raised a total of....drumroll please....$32,685.49!  WOW!  I can't even believe it!  The total cost of the procedure, labwork, travel expenses, etc. was $19,327.31.  That leaves Lila's current total at $13,358.18.

The physical therapy program in LA for the entire month of September, travel expenses, accommodations, etc. will be approximately $10,850.  There are a few costs that are fluid, so I have taken a guess, but this should be right in the ballpark.  The only thing that may change is that insurance may cover a small portion of the program ($7600 is the total for the program for 4 weeks), and we won't know until the PT program is over and they try to bill insurance.

The final remaining balance looks to be $2508.18.  That is wonderful!  We will continue to fund raise for her to have a second stem cell treatment within 12-18 months, so feel free to chime in if you have any good ideas :-)  Goddard School, and their families, have done an amazing job at supporting Lila, and I know there are some floating funds out there, we are having a garage sale at our house this weekend to raise money for Lila, and on the 27th we have two fundraisers happening in the community (a Designer's Bazaar, and the Family First Chiropractic summer picnic).  In the Fall, we will be selling some calendars directed towards sign language for babies, and holding a sign language class for anyone you know that might be interested.  Next year we will hold another dodgeball tournament, as this was such a fun event!!!  One last event that may happen towards the end of the year would be a karaoke contest at a local bar ($1 to sing and $5 to make someone stop singing :-).

Thanks for all of your support!!!  I hope you all have enjoyed the positive changes we are seeing as much as we have :-)

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