Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 25 & 26...a bit long, sorry :-)

Lila is finally feeling better!  We had such a great morning today, visiting with everyone at church.  Lila was in great spirits, and wanted to show everyone how well she can balance :-)  She got lots of attention for doing so, and everyone could not believe how much she has changed in 3 1/2 weeks!!!  (Just went to take a video of her standing, and she is too tired...darn!).  I will post a video tomorrow :-)

Yesterday was a busy day full of fundraising events that lasted from 8 am until 6 p.m.  The first fund raiser was held by a very dear friend of mine, whom is also a designer in the Reno area, Laura.  She had a great idea to hold a "Designer's Bazaar", taking donations of all interior items, and selling them for 100% towards Lila's treatments.  It took some work, but came through fabulously.  We actually still have a ton of items left, so if anyone is looking for anything in particular, let me know (i.e. bar stools, benches, side chairs with upholstered seats and backs, fabric swatches and large bolts, Mayline drafting table, night stands, curtain panels, lamps, etc.). I will post photos within a few days of items we have still in our inventory.

Not only did Laura play a huge part in this, but so did Joe, the owner of Cabinet and Lighting where the event was held.  He was so generous in donating appliances to sell, sinks, lighting and accessories, as well as supplying us with a huge tent under which we held the sale!  That was amazingly kind of him to offer us his space to help out Lila!  This amazing event raised $1143 for Lila's next stem cell treatment!!!!  Thanks to you all for your help, kindness, and generosity!  (not to forget Katie, Angela, Ruby, Sharon, Kim, and so many more)

Our second fund raiser was through Family First Chiropractic (FFC).  These are the chiropractors we use for our family, of whom all play an integral roll in our lives.  They have made a huge impact as far as preventative medicine in our household, so much that the girls have never been on antibiotics (ok, Lila just once :-).  We are so thankful for them and their natural medicine practice, and don't know what we would do without them.

Ok, enough of my babbling...FFC holds a family picnic every year for all of their patients, and have a huge raffle throughout the day.  All of the raffle funds go towards different charities/organizations in the area.  This year they asked if Lila could be one of those charities.  WOW!  Of course she can, and was!  We had a fabulous day introducing Lila to everyone and teaching about stem cells and CP.  As far as funds raised, I am not sure, but it was a fun afternoon and we enjoyed every minute.  Thank you to FFC for supporting our family to the fullest!!!
The crew at FFC
We have lots of friends who attend the picnic, and Grayson is one of them (below).  All of the kids had their faces painted, played in the bounce houses and at the park, snagged a balloon that was made from Mr. Clown, and got to hug the Wolf Pack mascot!

Grayson had the best face painting of all!

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