Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 15

Great morning, tired afternoon today :-)  Lila began her day with physical therapy and speech therapy.  Her physical therapist can't believe what she is seeing!  Lila balanced for a good minute this morning, all while processing directions (i.e., "Lila, you are putting too much weight on your heels, put more weight on your toes"). Libby could not believe what she was seeing.  Lila also was asked what she wanted to use to get to speech therapy with Meghan, the walker or shopping cart.  Normally she would look off in another direction while she is thinking about it and give you one word..."shopping cart".  Well, today she said, "UUmmmm, I think I'll cart".  Wwooohooo!  Another breakthrough!  Lastly, she was holding onto the walker and was transitioning over to the shopping cart, and instead of moving one hand and then the other, she just took both hands off of the walker and grabbed onto the shopping cart, just like all of us would do!  We never thought we would see such balance and confidence for her to be able to do such a little task.  What fun to watch :-)

The bumps?....Well, the ones on her arms have gotten better today, as the oozing liquid has dried up.  The ones on her neck have gotten more red, but are not raised any longer, and are now itching.  So, we will continue to observe them, and are now putting some calendula ointment on them to relieve the itching.

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