Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 21...3 weeks

Today Lila's world was turned upside-down.  Let me take a step back...on Saturday afternoon I was laying Lila down for a nap.  We were being silly, and I was tickling her in her bed.  She flung her body to one side, awful quickly, and banged her front tooth on the headboard of her bed.  Well, the headboard is much harder then her tooth and it pushed her tooth back pretty far.  There was a little bleeding, and then no sleeping :-(

So, over the past few days she has woken up to a swollen lip and a crabby disposition...hard to get good sleep with an aching tooth, not to mention a deep cough and chest cold.  So, we had made an appointment to see the dentist early this morning and assess the situation.  Based on the x-ray, the dentist though her tooth would be hanging by a thread when she saw her.  The headboard incident had pushed her tooth back, while the root shot forward, and it was a recipe for disaster.  Nevertheless, her tooth was still in place (not hanging by a thread) but was hurting her quite a bit.  The dentist gave us the option of pulling it or seeing if it begins to heal.  We had a few concerns, with our upcoming departure to LA.  If it got infected while we were away, how would we deal with that?  She would miss this necessary therapy, and take time to heal.  Also, if the stem cells are still finding their way, we certainly did not want them to go to fix her aching tooth.  Lastly, is she this sick because the tooth was already a bit infected?  No one can tell, so we thought it would be best to just take the tooth out.

Lila now has a toothless grin, and we hope those "big girl teeth" come in very soon :-)
Matt had to hold her down and tickle her (consequently, this is how she hurt her tooth in the first place) to get a photo

Lila being silly and not showing me her teeth :-)

The run down for my records...not sleeping well, not eating well, exhausted, and not attending school again...uuggghhh.

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